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Simple Clues that Pull Us into Our Destiny

December 17, 2014


It seems that the clues to our life’s direction are doled out on a “need to know basis.”

For several years I was violently ill nearly every day.  I’d be fine, then suddenly I’d start projectile vomiting, the room would start spinning, and I’d be incapable of standing.  When this came over me there was nothing I could do except to ride it out.  My world had to stop until I recovered.  It happened at the worst of times, when I was driving or working, even when I was sleeping.  My doctor sent me off for every test imaginable, spending nearly a hundred grand in insurance money along the way.  One test was in a large hospital room.  I was strapped into a contraption similar to a carnival ride.  It spun me around violently and made huge sudden moves testing my inner ear’s ability to respond.  The doctors were dumbfounded; after a year of testing they had no idea how to help, and my life sucked.  Then the day came when a friend said they’d heard of someone who got dizzy from a shellfish allergy.  I told them I’d tried to eliminate shellfish for a few days but nothing changed.  I had also tried not eating nuts for a bit with no change.  My friend said to try to stay away for shellfish for a longer period.

That was sad.  I loved shrimp in particular and ate it several times a week.  Nevertheless I stopped eating shellfish and after two weeks the symptoms went away and stayed away.  I suffered for several years and saw a dozen doctors seeking relief.  In the end it was a simple comment from a friend that changed everything.  This has happened several times in my life, when some huge clue was revealed in the most unassuming way.

Another example lead to my current career.  After fifteen years of practicing law I’d become tremendously burnt out and depressed.  I made a couple of moves, first living in Atlanta and selling my artwork on a grassy knoll, then I moved to Scottsdale and did executive driving.  That was fun, but the heat in Phoenix was absolutely ridiculous.  I then moved back to my home town of Albuquerque, but I was tremendously unhappy with the work I was doing for a law firm.  The way they did business was far out of alignment with my values and destiny.  This went on for a couple of years, and in passing a lawyer friend suggested that I consider doing mediation full time.  When he said it my spirit leaped inside me.  I knew I’d just heard a huge life clue, and indeed mediation became a path that pulled together my wild collection of skills and gifts.

I suspect this happens to everyone.  We search for years trying to find our destiny, and then suddenly it appears.  This is the basis for the “Noble Pointer.”  I don’t have everything all figured out, and every day I find find myself in some new stink.  Somehow though, even when I don’t yet know the answers to my own problems I have the honor of sharing creative solutions for other people’s challenges.  Sometimes the simple word that comes to me completely changes someone’s life.  Knowing how much my own life has turned on simple revelations, it thrills me when I get to be the noble pointer for someone else.

What problem have you had for years that might have a simple solution?  Let’s talk…

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